Enterprise Learning

We provide proven, comprehensive and effective programs to ensure that knowledge is gained and your employees perform at their productive best. Our Enterprise Learning Solutions division are dedicated to meet more complex needs of larger organizations. We understand that an effective learning strategy consists of more than training events, eLearning and a learning management system. We understand the multiple needs of large enterprises and recognize that no two are alike. We can meet your needs from a single source, with the facilities, resources and learning expertise to fully achieve

At ethinkroot, Effective training depends on knowing what is required – for the individual, the department and the organization as a whole. With limited budgets and the need for cost-effective solutions, all organizations need to ensure that the resources invested in training are targeted at areas where training and development is needed and a positive return on the investment

ethinkroot IT Services delivers the global resources and expertise you need to address the full spectrum of training challenges you face. Whether your goal is to increase flexibility, improve quality, or reduce costs, knowing your learning services are being expertly managed by a trustworthy partner is critical for success. From supplemental staff working within your own infrastructure to full-service support to take your initiative from start to finish, we tailor a solution to fit your needs.

  • Managed Learning Solutions

    Online Assessments/Certifications
    Induction training / Lateral Training
    E Learning / Training classrooms
    Remote virtual physical labs
    Public calendar Training / Hire and Train

  • Learning Consulting Service

    Learning Needs Analysis
    Learning Strategy
    Curriculum Design
    Learning Analytics
    Process Improvement

  • Learning Execution

    Trainer Sourcing
    Training Execution
    Training Infrastructure
    Hosting of e-Learning Courses

  • Content Design

    Custom Courseware
    Off-The-Shelf Courseware

Institutional Learning

As today’s students seek more engaging and personalized ways to learn, we can help you meet their academic needs and create a customized learning experience. ethinkroot IT Services can help your institution create a pathway to develop and deliver programs ideally designed for today’s post-traditional student. Whether you are considering in-person, blended, online or competency-based modalities, our program development and instructional design team are equipped to assist you. With a collaborative and holistic approach to our consulting services, we can improve the way students, faculty, and technology interact, enabling you to develop stronger, more sustainable programs. ethinkroot IT Services Academic Services team has the expertise and implementation experience to drive institutional and student success. Regardless of the learning management system (LMS) or modality, we offer innovative services to support your strategic goals including:

Student Program
Teachers Program
Parents Programs

Effective teachers, leaders, and schools can jumpstart a student’s passion and drive for lifelong learning and success. However, ensuring that educators can spark every student’s learning engine is a complex process involving many individual and system-specific considerations. Educators must be able to meet students where they are and help give them a roadmap to where they want to be.

ethinkroot offers practical professional development services and support. We’re focused on increasing leader and educator effectiveness, improving the use of technology and data analytics, and fostering successful community engagement.

ADHD Behavioral Programs

Behavior treatment involves both social and psychological therapies. It is a very important part of treatment for attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children and teens.

Behavior modification or behavior therapy is also called psychosocial treatment. It works by changing the behavior of a child or adolescent. Research shows that behavioral treatments work well for the symptoms of ADHD, especially when they are used with stimulant medication.Treating ADHD in children often involves medical, educational, and behavioral treatments used together. Treatment should be planned and carried out only after learning what individual needs each child and family have.

ethinkroot’s Behavioral treatment for ADHD is important because it helps with issues such as:

Problems doing well in school

Behavior problems at school

Problems with friendships with others their age Problems getting along with parents and with brothers and sisters

ethinkroot’s behavioral treatments work by teaching new skills to parents, teachers and the children for handling problems.

Program and Curriculum Development

In partnership with ethinkroot IT Services Marketing Research team, we will meet with advisory boards, corporate partners, and industry experts to gather information and advice on the right mix of programs and modalities for your institution and students. Partnered with ethinkroot, you can leverage learning data and analytics to measure course and program effectiveness, making adjustments in design if necessary. ethinkroot IT Services not only has the expertise but also the cutting edge technology to produce high-quality programs and deliver exceptional content.

Instructional Design

Our academic approach to Instructional Design centers on the student experience and leverages faculty subject matter expertise through a coaching model to create an optimal learning environment. Each course environment will provide rich content and high-impact practices to foster student retention and learning. Our design efforts include facilitating programmatic outcomes assessment and a connected experience for the student, course by course.

Competency – Based Consulting Services

Our Academic Services team will provide expertise and guidance in best practices for competency-based learning. We know the process of defining competencies, developing pre and post-assessments, redefining faculty roles, and creating appropriate academic policies for a CBC program can be daunting. Our holistic approach enables us to work with you to achieve your institution’s unique goals by creating a customized solution. ethinkroot IT Services can help get your program designed and your courses built and implemented quickly.

Our partnership with academic executives in education administration starts with a shared understanding of the opportunity for improvement, as well as the critical need to measure effectiveness. We work with you to implement innovative, results-oriented solutions that accelerate student and institutional success.

Whether it’s collaboration on college and career readiness initiatives, optimizing your online learning and blended learning programs, enabling next-generation learning experiences, or implementing workforce education solutions, we’re on a mission—yours.

Your mission is unique—and we are uniquely qualified to help you achieve it. With decades of experience, we work with academic executives in all education administrations to successfully meet the challenges of access, achievement, and affordability.

Content Development

At ethinkroot, we create high impact and engaging custom online learning courses as well as interactive courses that aid in the seamless alignment of your company’s learning and performance goals with its business objectives. Our Content Development team tailors content to fit and match every corporate culture and business objective for a media-rich, result-driven and intuitive learning experience across devices.

Sensitive to the mobile-centric generation, our learning specialists provide cutting-edge design techniques for interactive courses on mobile devices, thus catering to a wide range of training and assessment needs. The custom online learning course solutions on offer include rapid authoring, scenario-based learning, game-based eLearning, interaction-based learning, application simulation, and localization and translation.

Our Custom Content Development team uses a range of scripting methods, scenarios, story lines and interactive techniques combined with animation and graphics to customize interactive courses. A rock-solid foundation of instructional design, proficiency in graphic design and technological caliber have been our pillars of strength.

Our experience in the field of Instruction Designing, Content creation, Training administration through automation using learning management systems and assessment techniques spans over a decade. We Design and develop e-Learning content based on a rigorous research of learners, understand their needs, their expectations and trigger points which will bring in required modification amongst the learners and work towards increasing their job performance through enhanced learning experience.

Content Development Services Group

Course ware Development

Content for technical Trainings

Content for Non- technical trainings

Content for Assessment Programs


Customized e-learning content development

Rapid e-learning

Stimulation based e-learning

Mobile e-learning

e-learning Consulting

Blended learning

Cloud Learning

It is all about the ethinkroot’s cloud training.

ethinkroot’s Set up virtual training environments in minutes. Give your students an unparalleled, hands-on learning experience in a Cloud Share virtual IT training environment.

Build your virtual training environment in minutes

ethinkroot’s Cloud virtual training environments can be set-up in minutes. Give your students an unparalleled, hands-on learning experience in a ethinkroot’s cloud virtual IT training environment.

Accelerate training delivery with ethinkroot’s cloud ’s tools for collaboration

Whether you are training in a lab, classroom or virtual classroom, ethinkroot’s cloud enables you to create a flexible and experiential virtual learning environment.

Easily share virtual IT environments with your audience. Students will experience the full-functionality of the virtual training software and can access the environment from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Launch a hands on virtual training environment with templates

With ethinkroot’s cloud online training tools you don’t need to build a new training class all over again for each class. Simply create a custom curriculum template or select from a vast template library to get started.

Focus on training, not on infrastructure

Training managers can use ethinkroot’s cloud ’s software training tools to provision new classrooms and run multiple classes instantly and simultaneously. You can easily set-up classes and scale the number of virtual classrooms to match your training needs – no IT background required.

Learning Consultancy

ethinkroot IT Services’ effective learning goes way beyond design and delivery.

ethinkroot IT Services provides consultancy services on a range of levels to meet your needs.

These include:

Scoping and Needs Analysis
Learning Campaign Marketing
Rapid E-learning Capability Building
Funded Programme Consultancy Services
Quality Review