Great Place to Work

ethinkroot IT Services has given me the prospect to break out of the corporate bubble and explore opportunities in the great marketplace
Saran Simon
I have been a part of Inception to Execution of ethinkroot IT Services, I value the enthusiasm and professionalism instilled within our staff. Have the rare ability to be thoroughly supportive of the company goals, consistently delivering best practice
ethinkroot’s culture unleashes the power and energy of every individual in the organization. It is inspiring to work at ethinkroot IT Services that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement.
Deepa Nair
ethinkroot IT Services is a great place for creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge they possess and let their talent prosper in a positive working environment
Prashanti Shyam
I joined ethinkroot as the company was taking its shape and I could not have imagined just how good of an opportunity I’m walking into. Company has made me realize the potential I have to grow and provided the opportunities to do so. I am empowered to perform at my best and deliver excellent service every day. ethinkroot values hard work (there is no substitute for hard work), a can do spirit, a positive attitude and hands-on management. All this, coupled with ethinkroot’s success, makes this the perfect place to work!
Vinod Balaraj
ethinkroot IT Services, a place of learning, happiness and success. Equality and mutual respect amongst all employees
Regan Kumar

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  • Why ethinkroot?

    ethinkroot is a leading company with a diverse combination of skills, resources, and capabilities that provides a platform to perform effectively in today’s rapidly changing environment.

A place to work @ ethinkroot

ethinkroot’s engagement is measured by its employee’s views on areas such as leadership excellence, managerial effectiveness, supporting productivity, career development and recognition.

All offices and onsite locations promote a safety-first culture through the company’s annual safety week program.
Its culture supports a flexible work life—including formalized and ad-hoc work-from-home programs.
Fitness is part of life at the ethinkroot, stretch breaks are encouraged and some meetings take place outside during walks.
Staff appreciation programs include both after-work social gatherings (covered by the ethinkroot) and awards of concert tickets and gift certificates.
In-house programs open to all workers include the ethinkroot’s own Management Essentials, an four-week crash course focusing on the life cycle of an employee.
Internal training programs and defined learning paths aid career opportunities and personal development.
It offers a reward and recognition program, Building Excellence, that is based on the ethinkroot corporate values.
By aligning personal goals to those of the company’s long-term vision and strategies, employees see how their work makes a difference.
Employees develop managerial skills through programs focusing on leadership, product sales and technical excellence.
All leadership team members have individual development plans and 360-degree peer feedback.

Open and transparent communication with senior management is exemplified by live chat sessions, executives tour the country to meet own employees
Employees throughout the organization are trained and trusted to resolve customer service complaints.
“The sign of value and success” is dealt in great respect and utmost importance
Credibility – Trustworthiness and Competence of ethinkroot & leadership
          Management is approachable & straightforward to talk with
          Clear Expectations are set
          Delivers to promises
Respect – Recognition of personal and professional worth
          Good work & Extra efforts are recognized and appreciated
          Treat as a person not just as an employee
Fairness – Equitable sharing of opportunities and rewards
          Promotions go to those who best deserve them
          Everyone has an opportunity to get special recognition
Pride – Motivation and employee engagement
          My work here has special meaning: this is not “just a job.”
          I feel I can make a difference
          People are willing to go the “extra mile” to get the job done
Camaraderie – Mutual trust & sense of community
          We’re all in this together