Application Services

Is your application portfolio optimized to deliver real business value? At ethinkroot, we continuously improve and transform our customer’s applications to ensure they are optimized for today and adaptable for the business needs of tomorrow. We understand that business applications must be deployed or upgraded quickly, securely, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

Service Management

The IT function has come of age within the business. IT is now a strategic driver of innovation, efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness. With this call to arms comes a mountain of expectations, including the delivery of real business outcomes and the support of modern mission critical functions. Now that IT is in the big leagues of business, IT leaders must think differently about how to run their organization. It is no longer about managing a patchwork of applications, tools, infrastructure elements, and network components. To support the business fully, IT must deliver services to customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Cloud Solutions

The cloud can revolutionize your IT department by delivering IT resources securely over the network. We can help you access its benefits with our wide range of cloud services and help you meet your business’ needs by becoming more agile and competitive. Cloud computing can help your IT department to support the business more effectively. It allows you to have just the right mix of IT infrastructure to support your current business effectively and meet any peaks in demand. The IT department is then free to create strategic value. Our cloud services are hosted in state-of-the-art cloud-ready data centre to offer our customers outstanding worldwide quality of service and security. Flexible computing solutions and business together as a service are available. ethinkroot has also invested in its own data centre in Bangalore for its customers and its own needs.


By embracing mobility and aligning it with your business strategy, you can significantly increase the strategic business value of IT. Use it to improve customer satisfaction and operational efficiency and to shorten time to market for new products and services. You can transcend traditional ways of working and realize business value by embracing the latest mobile technologies. We can help you implement cutting-edge solutions to transform your business processes and increase flexibility and productivity. Our worldwide reach means that we can support your mobility needs anywhere on the planet. With the world’s largest and fastest mobile network we can deliver the mobility solutions you need to grow.

Social Business

Once considered a “nice to have” collaboration enabler, social technologies are now an essential driver of effective business collaboration both within the business enterprise as well as externally through marketing channels. Typically, enterprises have implemented social technologies in a piecemeal fashion, with multiple organizations and technologies operating independently. This lack of a comprehensive approach constrains the potential value of these systems and greatly decreases the likelihood of enterprise-wide adoption and sustained use. Social Business delivers industry-leading services, processes, skills and tools tailored to the unique situation and needs of your business.

Managed Services and Outsourcing

IT used to be a support function, huddled in the data center looking out at the organization. Today, IT is in the people business. From the devices people use, to the applications they access, and the support they require, IT’s job is to empower the people who sit at the core of your business. At Unisys, we help companies take a people-critical view to delivering IT services. Through this approach, our clients realize major improvements in service delivery and business impact, including improved productivity, simplified management of the computing environment, and optimized infrastructure. We specialize in security, uptime, ease of use, and even fixing issues before the users realize they are happening. Our focus at Unisys is to help organizations achieve their business objectives through their most important asset, their people.

Security Solutions

Security Solutions deliver advanced security in a trusted and efficient way that addresses our clients most complex and mission critical security challenges, providing them the context and confidence needed to leverage the latest technology, embrace modern business realities and defend their enterprises. Our security service professionals possess immense expertise and experience in delivering appropriate services to various industries and they also support the industries in detecting and responding to hidden vulnerabilities. Through this, an organization can assure customer satisfaction, enhance transparency, generate a robust and sustainable control over entire business operations and achieve a good measure of protection.

Penetration Testing
Vulnerability Assessment
Application Security Testing
Secure Code Review
Network Security Testing

Industry Solutions

There are some themes that never seem to change around the globe and across industries. Managing rising costs, economic and political uncertainty, and government mandates impact us all. Then there are challenges that seem to define an age of business.

We use modern technologies like cloud, big data, mobility, and social computing to help clients improve operational efficiencies, optimize workforces, or globalize operations. Our specialty is solving the tough challenges that impact our clients in industries including Financial Services, Public Sector, Airlines, Telecommunications, Retail, and more.