Corporate Creche

Why ethinkroot Creche program?

ethinkroot works in conjunction with various out-reach support groups providing essential support for families who have suffered or may be suffering any type of domestic abuse, working in partnership with these groups to co-facilitate the Freedom Program helping women to rebuild their confidence and self- esteem.

There are no set rules for raising a family and sometimes the pressure can seem overwhelming, especially if your family is going through a difficult time. Working in partnership with out-reach support we can offer the support you need when you need it, helping to make day to day family life and your children’s future brighter.

ethinkroot & our clients work together by providing top rate care and a fun stimulating environment for your children to play and express themselves in whilst you as parent or guardian can receive the support you require from the experienced ethinkroot staff.

ethinkroot can also provide on-site assistance for training programs such as:

Promoting parent techniques
Supporting young parents with toddlers
Ready to engage in higher learning activities
Young parent support groups
Self-confidence and self-esteem building courses
Evening courses
Parent coaching courses
Child behavior program
Back to work training
Substance abuse or rehabilitation programs

Wobblers (1 – 2 years)

As your child begins to walk, they progress to this care group. Your child will be introduced to new play elements such as water, sand, climbing, story-time, music & movement and reading. Their growing independence will be facilitated and encouraged in the First Leap of Wobblers Curriculum. The tricycles, see-saws and slides in the Play Area will help develop your child’s gross motor skills.

At this age, building your child’s self-esteem is very important. Your child needs to feel secure in their surroundings. Talking and positive reinforcement is very important for their confidence. By having regular contact with children their own age, they get used to bigger groups, their social and emotional development grows. Your child’s vocabulary develops at a fast pace and by the time they are two years old they will understand the meaning of hundreds of words and they will begin to put together phrases.

At this age your child will:

Start to take the initiative and strive for independence
Observe other children and learn how to interact and play with them
Run, jump, throw, catch, balance and kick
Become more portable and independent in their actions
Improve their hand-eye co-ordination

Toddlers (2 – 3 years)

The Giant Strides Toddler Curriculum helps your child to excel in their development while helping them to have fun. By having fun, they are improving their skills without it being hard work. New activities include arts & crafts, reading, baking, life skills, physical exercises, music and role play. As your child’s independence develops, toilet training begins and our toilets are specifically designed to cater for this.

All of the following skills develop as your child enjoys themselves within nurture’s surroundings:

Social Interaction Skills
Speech and Language
An ability to think for themselves
Exploration Skills

ethinkroot can provide crèche services for all these courses every day of the week and weeks of the year.

At ethinkroot we believe that every parent or guardian should have the opportunity to learn and grow just as much as their children. By offering our services on courses and training events, we can lighten the load off parents and guardians.

By providing our mobile crèche service on such courses enables peace of mind and in-turn allows for easier learning and better attendance.

ethinkroot “The Big Day” Creche

ethinkroot “The Big Day” Crèche creates the perfect solution to childcare issues during your wedding or party. We know how important your big day is, and we’re here to ensure that you enjoy the Big Day, and let the little ones enjoy it too.

Every bride has the dilemma of whether or not to invite children to their wedding – after all, it’s your big day and you want it to be the most memorable day ever. But often, it’s difficult to make that choice without offending friends and relatives. Marriage is all about the idea of families, and well-behaved children can really make your big day enjoyable (watching them slide on to the dance floor in the early evening really is priceless!), so to exclude them completely might not be the answer.

Here at ethinkroot “The Big Day” Crèche, we’ll organize fun childcare professionals bring age appropriate activities, crafts, equipment and furniture for indoor and outdoor fun to your chosen wedding venue. Weddings or parties can be a very long day for children but ethinkroot “The Big Day” Crèche allows you to invite children without the worries or hassles you considered when drawing up the guest list and your guests to enjoy their meals and your speeches without distractions.

What We Bring

Tables and chairs
Mask & Card Making
Hand Puppets
T-Shirt Design
Soft Mat seating area
Dressing Up
Snakes & Ladders
Connect Four
Guess Who

Especially for Babies

A separate area for your littlest guests enabling us to care for children under 2 years old. This will include:

Soft Toys
Soft Mats
Baby Change Area
Feeding Area
Baby Ball Pool
Sensory Toys
Heuristic Play
Puzzles and Craft

Personnel’s Profile

The Child System of Education
The Discovery of the Child
To Learn From The Child
Introduction to Child Psychology
Natural Laws of Development
Characteristics of Child Development
Periods of Child Development
Sensitive Periods
The Directress
The Prepared Environment
Materials and Tools
Importance of Movements in Child Development
Behavioral Tendencies
Common Deviations
Exercises of Practical Life
Sensorial Activities
Education Sans Tears
Education As An Aid To Life
The Task of the Child
Silence Independence and Freedom
Human Excellence and Montessori Education